Why and how youth should get involved in agriculture

| September 1, 2023

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This edition’s story from DRC focuses squarely on youth. Our Script of the week continues that focus. 

Globally, including in Africa, farmers are aging and many young people are not interested in pursuing farming as a livelihood. But this backgrounder airs a different perspective, discussing the benefits of young people taking up agriculture. It also provides the information that young people need to know if they want to pursue and succeed in farming. 

The backgrounder includes the following sections, among others: 

  • Why is this subject important to listeners?
  • What are some key facts on youth involvement in agriculture?
  • The predicted impact of climate change on youth engaged in agriculture
  • What are the big challenges to promoting youth involvement in agriculture?
  • Gender aspects of youth involvement in agriculture
  • Why should youth get involved in agriculture?
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) innovations
  • Funding

Why and how youth should get involved in agriculture – Farm Radio Scripts