Who benefits when girls stay in school?

| July 17, 2017

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Our Script of the Week continues with the theme of youth.

In this drama script, a host and two guests—with different points of view—discuss the value of educating children. The script emphasizes the importance of both boys and girls attending and staying in school. If children have an education, they can help their parents with business matters while they are still at home. If they continue their schooling, they can contribute income to the family later in life.

You might wish to follow this program with a panel discussion on the subject of education, for both girls and boys. A panel discussion is a good way to present different viewpoints on this and other subjects. Invite several people from your community with whom your audience can identify. Include both women and men, from all walks of life—farmers, schoolteachers, community leaders, politicians, and home workers—for a more lively discussion.