When opportunity knocks, open the door wide: Managing pests in cowpeas

| May 30, 2016

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Our Script of the week is a drama on cowpea from our most recent Resource Pack.

Cowpea is grown on more hectares than any other legume crop in Ghana, and is the second biggest legume in terms of yield. It’s a common crop all across West Africa. Cowpea is an important and cheap source of protein for rural and urban families. Indeed, cowpea is often referred to as “the poor man’s meat” because of its high protein content.

The major challenges to growing cowpea in Ghana include insect pests, Striga infestation, diseases, drought, and low soil fertility. Insects and Striga can cause losses of 15 to 100% of yield.

This drama focuses on managing pests in cowpea. It is based on interviews with farmers and other experts.

You could use this script as research material or as inspiration for creating your own programming on growing cowpea or similar topics in your area.

Talk to farmers and other experts who are growing cowpea or are knowledgeable about the crop. You might ask them:

Is growing cowpea common in your area? If so, what challenges do farmers face, especially with pests and diseases? Have farmers found solutions to these challenges that they could share on your program? What do extension agents and other experts say about these challenges?

Do local farmers mostly raise cowpea for home consumption? Is growing cowpea a profitable business in your area? What are the economic prospects?