Use of contraceptives in schools

| August 2, 2020

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Our Farmer story this week from Kenya addresses teen pregnancy and the use of contraceptives. This can be a sensitive topic to discuss, but it’s one that affects youth and their families everywhere. Our backgrounder on the use of contraceptives in schools was written for a project in Burkina Faso, but it has information relevant to your area as well, including:

  • What is contraception?
  • What are the barriers to contraceptive use by school-aged children?
  • What are the consequences of unwanted pregnancies?
  • What are different contraceptive methods?
  • How can young people avoid unwanted early pregnancy?
  • How is society affected by the non-use of contraceptives?

Read the backgrounder:

When talking about pregnancy or any other health-related condition, it’s important to approach the topic sensitively. We have written a Broadcaster how-to guide for dealing with sensitive issues on air. Read it here: