‘Together we stand’ agricultural co-operative society

| February 17, 2020

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This week’s Farmer stories illustrate the benefits of farmers working together in groups. Our Script of the week focuses on the benefits of agricultural co-operatives.

Agricultural co-ops play an important role in the Ugandan economy. Large co-operatives predominate in the coffee, cotton, and dairy sectors. But most of these co-operatives are having a very difficult time transitioning from a state-led and financed movement to a member-led and financed one.

The definition of co-operatives is based on four major concepts: First, they are formed by groups of people with a shared need or problem. Second, the organization is formed freely by members, who also contribute to its assets. Third, the organization is governed democratically. Fourth, co-operatives are independent enterprises promoted, owned, and controlled by members.

Co-operatives can be formed in any sector of the economy, including the agriculture, mining, industries, and service sectors.

Agricultural marketing co-operatives have been a popular traditional kind of co-operative development, and have linked developing countries with the rest of the world through export.

This script is a mini-drama based on actual interviews with farmers. You could use this script as inspiration to research and write a script on a similar topic in your area. Or you might choose to produce this drama on your station, using voice actors to represent the characters.