To market, to market—episode 3: Where to sell: Making the best choice

| September 29, 2019

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Two of this week’s Farmer stories focus on various aspects of marketing farm produce. This is also the topic of our Script of the week.

Episode three is about the decisions farmers make when selling their produce. Farmers have several options, including traders’ markets, village markets, and selling directly from their home. They can investigate each of these options and decide which offers the best prices. However, these prices must be balanced with costs, including the costs and convenience of transporting produce to each of these locations.

This script is the third part of a five-part series about understanding and using market information. With accurate market information, farmers can decide which crops to grow, and where and when to sell in order to get the best prices.

Ideally, these five programs should be run as a series, for example, once a day for five days or once a week for five weeks. It may be necessary to adapt the programs by using local names and situations to make them familiar and acceptable to your listeners, who should be able to identify with the characters and understand their dilemmas.