The Love Letter project: An invitation for men to stand by their wives during pregnancy and childbirth

| March 6, 2017

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In keeping with this week’s theme, our Script of the week also deals with an issue that is vital to both women and men.

Pregnancy is the responsibility of a man and a woman. In Africa, however, pregnancy and childbirth are generally viewed as women’s concerns, and men are often uninvolved. For example, it is rare for African men to accompany their wives when they go for antenatal check-ups during pregnancy.

Health practitioners in Jinja district, Uganda, have started a project known as “Love Letter,” which calls on men to accompany their wives to antenatal clinics, and also encourages men to go for blood tests when their wives are pregnant.

Pregnant mothers are given invitation letters during their first visit to antenatal clinics. These letters are addressed to their husbands and request them to come along with their wives during antenatal visits.

This is a radio script about the “Love Letter” project, a project which encourages men to be by the sides of their wives during pregnancy and childbirth. The script is based on and adapted from interviews with the director of the project, and with a woman who was one of the beneficiaries of the project.