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Suggested interview questions: Gender-based violence

Given that this edition’s story from Malawi deals with providing services to survivors of gender-based violence, we thought it would be useful to publish a Script of the week that can act as a practical tool for broadcasters to research stories on gender-based violence. These suggested interview questions can be used to help you understand the kinds of issues that are important to cover in an interview focusing on gender-based violence, prepare your own interview questions, formulate good follow-up questions, and feel more comfortable about interviewing someone on this sensitive topic.

The first set of questions in this resource is designed to help broadcasters conduct interviews with women and men who have experienced gender-based violence. Some interviewees may prefer to remain anonymous (unidentified) while speaking about this topic. So, remember to ask interviewees whether or not they want to remain anonymous and respect their preference. Keep in mind that you may need more than one interviewee to respond to all of the questions below. It is suggested that you interview at least one man and one woman.

The second set of questions is designed to help broadcasters conduct interviews with experts who work with community-based or national organizations that provide survivors with protection, training, legal knowledge, and support services (psychological, social, and physical).

Such organizations include women’s groups, local youth associations, UN Women, and advocacy groups for women and girls. Experts may also work in local ministries and deal directly with women and the family. You might also find the expert you need at local women’s rights organizations, or in the local offices of international organizations such as Marie Stopes International, Plan International, and Girl Effect, or government ministries.

https://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/farm-radio-resource-pack-122/suggested-interview-questions-gender-based-violence/ [1]