Story ideas on crop storage and climate change

| November 14, 2016

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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 15-50% of food harvested in developing countries, including Africa, is lost. There are many ways in which food is lost or spoiled, including harvesting too early or late; exposure to rain, drought, and extreme temperatures; and pest and disease damage. Farmer income is also reduced through spillage, crop damage from tools, chemical contamination, and rough handling during harvesting, loading, packing, and transportation.

These losses have serious impacts, the most direct being hunger. They also contribute to high food prices by removing part of the food supply from the market. In the face of climate change, food losses are even more serious.

This script offers seven story ideas for dealing with the issue of storing crops. Each suggests ways of building resilience, not only to normal conditions, but to the unexpected uncertainties which accompany a changing climate.

Each story idea is accompanied with suggestions for local research, and a few resources which may help you understand the issue and prepare radio programs. All programs on crop storage can be followed up by panel discussions, guest interviews, or audience participation by phone, SMS, or live in the studio.