Rebuilding local seed supplies after armed conflict or other emergency situations

    | October 29, 2018

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    All three of this week’s Farmer stories talk about the importance of indigenous crops, and two focus on indigenous seeds. Our Script of the week also focuses on seeds.

    This script provides information about how to replenish seed stocks destroyed or lost because of armed conflict. While listeners in your audience may not be affected by armed conflict, the information applies to other emergency situations, including natural disasters.

    You may want to do a follow-up radio program about a seed fair, or even to help organize one and advertise it. A seed fair is one way for communities to rebuild seed supplies. Help from a larger organization (government or NGO) is often needed to hold a seed fair. The organization distributes seed vouchers to farmers who need seed. Those farmers can exchange the vouchers for seed at the seed fair. And farmers who have seed can sell it in return for the seed vouchers. After the fair, seed sellers give the voucher to the sponsoring agency in exchange for cash. Seed fairs benefit farmers who want to buy seeds and farmers who want to sell seeds.