Radio spots on the desert locust situation in East Africa

| November 23, 2020

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In this edition, our Farmer story from Ethiopia talks about the current locust outbreak. Our Script of the week is a series of eight radio spots that address the 2020 desert locust outbreak in East Africa.

The spots provide facts that can help broadcasters and farmers understand the situation better, know what caused it, and know what kinds of actions are most useful. Hopefully, they can also help to ease some fears and correct some misconceptions.

As a broadcaster, you could air these spots at any time you know farmers are listening. This could be during your regular farmer program or during other programs you know farmers listen to.

The locust outbreak affects everyone, not just farmers. It affects food security for all. So, for example, these radio spots could also be aired during, before, or after news programs.

You could also use them to stimulate discussions about the locust situation in your area. Invite experts to speak about the situation. Invite farmers to call in and talk about their experiences and ask questions.

One other practical thing you can do as a broadcaster is to learn when aerial spraying might occur in your coverage area and let listeners know that they should go inside when spraying is taking place.