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Radio spots on sexual and reproductive health

Along with this edition’s story from Mali, our Script of the week focuses on issues related to sexual and reproductive health. 

In Malawi, like in many African countries, youths lack good knowledge of issues related to family planning, sexual and reproductive health, and safe motherhood. These subjects are difficult to discuss and people seeking treatment for symptoms, for example of sexually transmitted diseases, may be stigmatized. 

Solutions include: parents talking over these issues with their children, mutual support, regular sexual and reproductive health check-ups, and early treatment. These 11 spots address these issues. 

In these radio spots, you will learn more about a variety of issues related to sexual and reproductive health, including the following:

The spots vary in length from 30-60 seconds and can be played multiple times during the program and throughout the programming schedule to educate parents, young men and women, and the general public on how to deal with various sexual and reproductive health issues.

https://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/farm-radio-resource-pack-121/radio-spots-sexual-reproductive-health/ [1]