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Organic fertilizer within easy reach

This week’s story from Burkina Faso shows how a woman used leaf-based compost to improve soil fertility. Our script of the week is a drama which shows how creating a simple compost ditch can also boost the fertility of the soil.

In recent decades, land has been considerably degraded and rainfall has decreased in Sahelian countries such as Burkina Faso. Heat and evaporation are increasing, and crop yields have decreased year after year. To cope with this situation, farmers have developed new techniques. The compost ditch is one method that helps them adapt to these impacts of climate change.

In this week’s drama, Tinga is a farmer who has learned how to build a compost ditch. His cousin Bila, who likes to joke around, pays him a visit while he is digging the ditch. The two farmers live in a village where soil fertility has become a real concern. They start up a conversation while Tinga builds the compost ditch.

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