Organic fertilizer within easy reach

| March 16, 2020

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One of this week’s Farmer stories from Uganda is about the benefits of using fertilizer for coffee production. Our Script of the week is a drama that also talks about fertilizer, but about organic fertilizer that farmers can make themselves.

Tinga is a farmer who has just been trained how to construct a compost ditch. Bila, his cousin who likes to joke around, comes to pay him a visit while he is digging the ditch with a few members of his family. The two farmers from the fictional village of Godin, where soil fertility has become a real concern for the inhabitants, begin a dialogue.

Desertification has been exacerbated by drought during the past three decades. In many countries, land is considerably degraded and rainfall has decreased, while heat and evaporation are increasingly strong. Indeed, crop yields have noticeably decreased year after year. To cope with the situation, farmers have developed new techniques. The compost ditch is one of the methods that can help farmers adapt to the impacts of climate change.