Orange sweet potatoes

    | March 31, 2014

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    Africa is currently facing hunger and poverty on a large scale. Most economies in Africa are based on agriculture, yet many farmers are leaving agriculture to venture into other work, driven by challenges such as climate change, pests and diseases, decreasing soil fertility, and price fluctuations.

    Two of this week’s stories feature sweet potatoes, a common staple in many parts of Africa. But, as this script from December 2008 shows, the orange-fleshed sweet potato offers farmers and consumers benefits to their health and their wallets!

    Orange sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamin A, which is vital for human health. Cakes and breads can be made with fresh orange sweet potato. Foods made with the fresh root retain vitamin A content, unlike making the root into flour. The orange-fleshed sweet potato grows more quickly than white sweet potato and has a comparable yield.

    This script is based on an interview with a Ugandan farmer.

    Find the script here: