Many heads are better than one: The story of Ngolowindo Co-operative

    | October 29, 2012

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    The script is about Ngolowindo Co-operative in Malawi – how it came into being, its achievements and challenges. It highlights the strengths and benefits of co-operatives. It also touches on the financial worries that this particular co-operative is experiencing, and shows how the members are attempting to address these concerns. This script could encourage co-operatives, clubs, associations and individuals to learn how to reduce some of their fears and problems and maximize their profits while remaining sustainable.
    Agricultural co-operatives offer many benefits to their members, including helping them market their crops, access farming inputs, and diversify their income. By helping farmers in these areas, co-operatives can increase member incomes, improve their food security, and help them take care of their families’ health and education.
    Like other farmers, members of agricultural co-ops sometimes face challenges related to marketing, income, the sustainability of their farming business, and so on. But when all members address these issues together, solutions can be easier to find.