Make compost as your vegetables grow

    | July 15, 2013

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    Our script of the week touches on the same themes as this week’s stories on compost and on growing vegetables.

    It offers easy step-by-step instructions on making a compost pile on top of which you can plant vegetables. And, as the script describes, you won’t have to wait three months until your compost is ready. You can simply make the compost pile and plant your vegetables on top of the pile.

    All you need are some dry branches, stems, and other dried plant materials, some fresh leaves, weeds and kitchen waste, and a little manure.  The script gives detailed instructions on how to make your big pile of compost, and then plant your vegetables on top.

    You don’t have to wait three months before planting. Your vegetables will grow while the materials in the pile break down and turn into rich compost!