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Let’s preserve our fruit and vegetables!

In our news story from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, farmers talked about their success growing tomatoes in the rainy season. But one problem they had yet to overcome was transportation. If road conditions were poor, they had no way to sell their tomatoes. This is a problem that many farmers encounter, especially if they grow fruit or vegetables that spoil quickly. A practical solution is to preserve fruits and vegetables so they can be sold or eaten at a later time. This week’s script describes a process for drying fruit.

It can be found online at: http://farmradio.org/english/radio-scripts/81-9script_en.asp [1].
You may also be interested in CTA’s Practical Guide on Preserving tomatoes, which can be found online, here: http://naads.or.ug/manage/publications/176docprocessing%20tomatoes.pdf [2].