Let’s preserve our fruit and vegetables!

| January 23, 2017

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Like this week’s Farmer story from Tanzania, our Script of the week talks about preserving fruit and vegetables.

The presence of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet is of vital importance. Fruits and vegetables contain many kinds of vitamins, minerals, energy sources, antioxidants, and fibre. Therefore, we cannot neglect them if we want to maintain a balanced diet and stay healthy. But this advice is not always followed. But one of the difficulties is that many local fruits are not available year-round because they are harvested at the beginning or the end of the rainy season.

We can avoid this dietary imbalance in two ways: first, by using traditional techniques of preserving these local foods, which can then be used in the dry season. Leaves that have been preserved can last for one year, while fruits can last up to two years. Well-preserved fruit and vegetables have the same nutritional content as fresh fruit and vegetables. And secondly, we can grow a wider range of species that produce out of season.

Different regions and different countries have different traditional or modern preservation techniques, and preserve different foods. Find out what kinds of foods and what kinds of preservation techniques are used in your listening area.

Good health and good nutrition are vitally important. Who knows? By broadcasting effective techniques for preserving vitamin- and mineral-rich foods, you may help save lives.