Improved Market Information Services programs increase farmers’ income and knowledge

    | February 20, 2012

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    In last week’s issue, we featured a script from our latest script package, which was distributed last December. The script highlighted a Participatory Radio Campaign on using vetiver grass in Malawi. This week’s script is also from our latest package, but presents a different kind of radio program that is of great value to farmers: market information services.

    This two-part script shows how farmers in four countries benefited from market information programs on their local radio stations. These market programs went way beyond simply broadcasting market prices! They invited farmers to call in to the stations, connected buyers and sellers, interviewed buyers and sellers right in the market, and educated farmers on how markets really work. Not only were farmers excited about the shows – broadcasters also were enthusiastic, with many promising to continue market programming even after special funding had been completed.

    You can read this two-part script at: &