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Improve manure to make better fertilizer

Like some of this week’s stories, our Script of the week focuses on soil. It’s a short drama that highlights the benefits of composting animal manure to make your own fertilizer. You could simply adapt the drama for your local audience, or use it as inspiration to produce your own program.

The drama is a conversation between two characters: Philip (a radio host), and Dr. Compost (Peter Composter). Philip is from the city. He has a weak stomach and is somewhat skeptical about farming techniques. Dr. Compost is from the countryside, and has a university education in agriculture.

Farmers in your audience should know that their crops are only as good as the soil in which they grow. In many parts of the world, the soil is exhausted, yields are poor, and plants are more vulnerable to disease and insect attack.

Adding composted manure to the soil is like putting money in the “soil bank.” If the soil bank is rich, crops will be good.

http://www.farmradio.org/radio-resource-packs/package-91-soil-health/improve-manure-to-make-better-fertilizer/ [1]