How to serve your women farmers well

| May 29, 2017

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Two of this week’s Farmer Stories focus on gender, as does our Script of the week, a Broadcaster how-to guide.

But, you may say, “Don’t I already serve both men and women farmers well”?

Think about it. Are you really serving your women farmers well?

For decades, radio programs for farmers have mainly served the needs of male farmers. Male radio hosts have interviewed male experts and male farmers about crops and animals that men grow and raise.

Today we know that women do as much farm work as men on small-scale farms. They also feed the family and care for the young and old!

So women are essential to the survival and progress of family farms. It is therefore essential that radio programs which are meant to serve small-scale farmers serve the needs and interests of women farmers as well as men farmers.

Check the tips in this Broadcaster how-to guide and see how many you are already doing. And then implement all the tips you can!

How will this guide help me serve my listeners better?

  • Women farmers will get the information they need to farm better.
  • Women farmers will be able to voice their opinions on matters of importance to them.
  • Women farmers will enjoy your program more.
  • Male listeners will learn more about what is important to women farmers, and will take that into consideration.

 How will this guide help me produce and host better programs?

  • It gives me practical tips on how I can attract and serve women farmer-listeners and grow my audience.
  • It gives me ideas on how I can encourage gender equality at my radio station.