How corruption can affect farmers

    | December 9, 2013

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    Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement. Corruption can occur on different scales.

    There is corruption that occurs as small favours between individuals, corruption that affects the government on a large scale, and corruption that is so prevalent that it is part of the everyday structure of society.

    This week’s script, Zamana, or ‘The confession, gives us insight into the core of a system of corruption that afflicted Zamana village, located in the fictional country of Manibu. Lying in the Sudan-Sahel region, it has a rainy season that lasts only three months.

    Therefore, the problem of drinking water in the area is acute, and the problem of water for agriculture is even more serious. Irrigation would increase and diversify farm production if water could be harvested. Near Zamana, a dam was built, swamps reclaimed, and the promise of a better future given.

    But how much money got lost before the dam was built? Bribes here, promises there.

    This script is a mini-drama based on actual interviews. You could use this script as inspiration to research and write a script on a similar topic in your area. Or you might choose to produce this script on your station.