Honey is good food that bees give you at no cost

| May 14, 2018

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Our Script of the week, like this week’s Farmer story from Rwanda, focuses on beekeeping.

The script is divided into two parts. The first gives details on how to build a beehive to attract bees to your area. The second part tells you how to collect honey from the beehive.

Beekeeping has many benefits. Honey is a nutritious food, good for the whole family. And many beekeepers can harvest enough honey to supplement their income—or even to make a good income if they have many hives.

If you choose to use this script as inspiration for creating your own program, you could talk to beekeepers, extension agents, and others, and ask the following questions:
• What kind of beehives do beekeepers use in your area?
• What practices have local beekeepers found effective to care for their bees, to harvest honey, and to get good yields of honey?
• Are any of the practices used in the script useful to local beekeepers?

Apart from speaking directly to beekeepers and other key players in the local agriculture sector, you could use these questions as the basis for a phone-in or text-in program.

This script, published in Pack 107, is an updated version of Package 4, scripts 4 and 5, originally published in 1981.