Hard work breaks no bones: Decreasing guinea fowl mortality to increase success and boost income

| November 30, 2015

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Our script of the week is a four-episode drama from our new Resource Pack, #102, which focuses on raising guinea fowl.

Nine of ten households in northern Ghana raise guinea fowl, and keeping and eating the birds helps these households become food secure. Guinea fowl are productive and their meat is nutritious. Guinea fowl meat contains more protein and less fat than chicken meat.

Raising guinea fowl can be a profitable business, but farmers must know how to meet a number of challenges. This drama focuses on the problems of keet mortality and the solutions for it. Keets are young guinea fowl, and keet mortality is one of the major challenges in raising guinea fowl. The drama is based on interviews with farmers who raise guinea fowl in the Upper East Region of northern Ghana.

To create your own programming on raising guinea fowl, talk to farmers and experts who raise guinea fowl or are knowledgeable about the birds. You might ask them:

Is raising guinea fowl common in your area? If so, what challenges do farmers face?

Have some farmers devised solutions to these challenges that they could share on your program? What do extensionists and others say about these challenges?

Have local farmers tried some of the solutions recommended in this drama? What has been their experience?

Is raising guinea fowl a profitable business in your area? What are the economic prospects?