Grow moringa for food and fodder and Use moringa seeds to clean dirty or polluted water

| March 15, 2021

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Like this edition’s story from Senegal, our two Scripts of the week focus on moringa.

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is an ideal tree to grow in the city or country. Moringa provides food, fodder, fuelwood, and shade. Its pods make a tasty, nutritious vegetable. You can eat the tender leaves and flowers too, and the leaves make excellent livestock feed. Best of all, this useful tree grows quickly and easily in many different climates.

Our second moringa script is about using seeds from the moringa tree to clean dirty water. The process includes several steps which must be followed exactly to ensure good results. This script should be broadcast only if you know that the moringa seed method is already being used in your region and that trainers such as health workers are available. In this case, please refer your audience to appropriate trainers and emphasize that the procedure should be supervised the first few times it is used.