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Farmers try no-till farming in Ghana’s Ashanti Region

Conservation agriculture offers simple practices that farmers can use to address the negative impacts of climate change and learn how to “farm with nature.” This might involve adjusting or changing traditional ways of farming to take maximum advantage of the sometimes little or erratic rain and other water available for crops.

This script highlights the experiences of farmers living and farming in the Amanchia area of the Ashanti Region of central Ghana. These farmers are using no-till farming and other conservation agriculture practices with the support of Dr. Boa and other workers at the No-till Centre in Amanchia. The farmers share their challenges and achievements, as well as their knowledge of these practices. The script highlights how the farmers deal with pest infestations in seedlings, and how they manage their farms while practicing no-till and other conservation agriculture practices.

You might choose to present this script as part of your regular farming program, using voice actors to represent the speakers. If so, please make sure to tell your audience at the beginning of the program that the voices are those of actors, not the original people involved in the interviews. You could also use this script as research material or as inspiration for creating your own programming on conservation agriculture or similar topics in your country.

Talk to farmers and experts who are practising conservation agriculture or are knowledgeable about this type of farming. You might ask them:

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