Farmers learn about compost manure on the radio – with great results!

| December 15, 2014

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To complement this week’s story from Malawi about compost manure, we present a script on the same theme from our last Resource Pack.

Many farmers choose organic fertilizers, including compost manure, instead of, or together with, chemical fertilizers. When made from locally available materials such as crop residues, animal waste and kitchen refuse, compost manure is an effective and affordable way to improve soil fertility.

Compost manure maintains and improves soil texture, reduces soil erosion, helps kill weeds and keeps moisture in the field. But despite these advantages, there are challenges to making and using compost manure.script of the week

In Malawi, these challenges are widespread. For example, farmers in Nkhotakota District on the shores of Lake Malawi used little compost manure. They saw compost-making as a time-consuming and difficult task because of a lack of materials.

In this script, we hear how a radio campaign spearheaded by Farm Radio Trust changed the minds of farmers in Nkhotakota District about compost manure. Farmers report on what they learned about compost manure, and the benefits and challenges they experienced.