Developing cotton organizations in Mali: From Village Association to cooperative

    | April 11, 2011

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    The value chain for cotton, from grower to wearer, can be very long. There are many steps along the way – from processing the raw material, to reaching the manufacturers, and finally sewing garments for sale. In Mali, cotton farmers work in co-operatives to share useful information, gain access to credit, and improve marketing opportunities. This script provides details about how Malian cotton co-operatives are formed and how they operate. It was first published in FRW 62 in April 2009.

    This script is a mini-drama, based on information gathered and interviews conducted in Mali. Thus, the characters do not represent real people, but are simply actors in a drama. You may choose to present this drama as it is, explaining that the information is from Mali. Or, you could simply use this script as a starting place to write a script about cotton growing, or farmers’ co-operatives in your own area.