Community reforestation brings back the rains in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana

| October 10, 2021

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Like this week’s Farmer story from the Democratic Republic of Congo, our Script of the week focuses on forests. But instead of talking about the perils of deforestation, it shows how reforestation can rebuild the land and even change the weather. 

Disasters such as bush fires, floods, storms, and locust infestations destroy both plant and animal life. As in every other business, farmers need to understand how to revive the land and ensure food security when disasters strike.

This script is about a group of farmers in the Abinmma forest range in Ghana. These farmers started to reforest land which had been destroyed by bush fires, clearing land for farming, tree felling, and overgrazing. The program is based on the real experience of a group known as the Asubimma Forestry Group.

You may wish to use the ideas and themes in this script to produce other programs, for example a radio drama or a discussion piece, to suit the needs and situation in your area.