Choosing Crops for Drought-Prone Areas

    | February 27, 2012

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    This script is relevant to our story this week from Zimbabwe, on farmers facing drought and erratic rains. One strategy in a situation such as this is to plant at least part of your fields to crops which are well-known for their tolerance to low rainfall and drought. The crops mentioned in this script include cassava, finger and pearl millet, tef, fonio, amaranth species, sorghum, and date palm. Many varieties of indigenous African vegetables are also drought-tolerant.

    The right crops to choose for drought-prone areas will depend on your region: the soil, the availability of labour, the market for crops, cultural preferences, the possibilities for storage and processing, and many other factors. Take a look through this script and think of crops that might work in your listening area.

    You can read this script here: