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Broadcaster how-to guide: Effective emergency response programming for farmers

This week’s Farmer stories from Zambia and Ghana talk about weather-related services that, respectively, guide farmer’s monthly activities and provide accurate daily forecasts.

But sometimes weather is more extreme and part of a broadcaster’s job is to provide warnings and essential information. Today’s Script of the week is a Broadcaster how-to guide on providing effective emergency programming for farmers.

An emergency is a situation in which extreme natural or human-made conditions—including droughts, floods, earthquakes, severe storms, mudslides, disease outbreaks, conflict and violence, serious pest infestations, and other disasters—severely disrupt life and call for immediate action.

Emergency response programs help farmers prepare for an emergency, survive as well as possible during an emergency, and consider ways to change their farming practices so that future emergencies cause less damage to their farms and livelihoods.

Effective emergency programming:

It helps broadcasters:

The Broadcaster how-to guide is organized around seven key points:

http://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/105-farm-radio-resource-pack/plan-produce-effective-emergency-response-programming-farmers/ [1]