Biosecurity – A new way to look at avian flu prevention

    | August 4, 2008

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    This week’s news story about a new outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in Nigeria reminds us that the virus remains a serious threat. If you broadcast this story, you may also wish to help poultry farmers by reminding them of the steps they can take to prevent bird flu.

    In this script, the host interviews a chicken farmer who explains the biosecurity approach to preventing the spread of bird flu. She says farmers need to “keep it out” –
    keep bird flu off their farm – and “keep it in” – make sure they don’t spread bird flu if their farm is infected. The interviewee says the prevention measures are easy and cost almost nothing. She also explains why all poultry farmers should be vigilant and take steps to prevent bird flu, even if there has not been an outbreak in their country.

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