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Are burning crop residues and grass good for soil health and fertility? Views from a farmer and an agricultural researcher

Like this week’s story from Malawi, our Script of the week focuses on crop residues. The script looks at whether, from the perspective of soil fertility and soil health, burning crop residues is a good idea. We hear the views of a farmer who has experienced the benefits of the practice. We also hear the perspective of an agricultural researcher.

The researcher agrees with the farmer that there can be short-term benefits from burning crop residues and other vegetation. But the long-term damage to the soil from burning crop residues outweighs the benefits, and the researcher advises farmers to find ways to use crop residues on their fields.

http://www.farmradio.org/radio-resource-packs/package-91-soil-health/are-burning-crop-residues-and-grass-good-for-soil-health-and-fertility-views-from-a-farmer-and-an-agricultural-researcher/ [1]