An alternative fuel source: Make charcoal briquettes from banana peels

    | June 4, 2012

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    This week’s story from Tanzania is about using agricultural residues to make fuel briquettes as an alternative to wood or charcoal  as wood becomes increasingly scarce. This is also the theme of our script of the week. Over the last 30 years, Uganda has lost half its forest cover. In response, people are being encouraged to adopt energy-saving technologies that put less pressure on natural resources. One example is the use of banana peelings, commonly referred to as banachakol (banana charcoal), to make charcoal briquettes. This week’s script features an interview with a woman from a group of community workers known as Bakyala Tweyune (“Women in self-help”), who describes the advantages of banachakol, and the production process for the briquettes.