Amizero Co-operative helps Rwandan households manage domestic waste

    | May 7, 2012

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    Our script of the week is from our latest script package, and is written by senior writer, Jean-Paul Ntezimana, with Radio Salus in Rwanda.

    For over two decades, Rwandan people have been experiencing difficulties related to the war and the genocide. But the country has established a favourable environment for considering and addressing women’s problems. Several not-for-profit women’s associations have been established, including the Amizero Association, a women’s co-operative whose goal is to provide assistance to women in distress. The Association’s activities include agriculture, small business ventures, management of household waste in the city of Kigali, and strengthening women’s self-confidence, self-reliance and capacity for leadership. This script may inspire women in Rwanda and elsewhere to recognize their potential to find solutions to their problems within themselves.