Alternative Feeds for Poultry and Pigs

| July 27, 2015

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This week’s story from Congo-Brazzaville highlights the issue of expensive, shop-bought animal feeds. Farmers who raise animals need to feed them properly.

But it can be a challenge to feed animals. There may be a shortage of feed in your country. Or it may be that animal feed is too expensive to buy. So, farmers sometimes have to find cheaper, alternative feeds.

The Script of the week has suggestions for alternative feeds used in Cuba and the Philippines.

In Cuba, when there is a shortage of poultry feed, farmers look around their homes and farms for household waste or any crops that aren’t being used. They try to find things that can replace expensive feeds and complete the birds’ diet.

For example, they add pumpkin to the birds’ feed. They chop and dry pumpkins and then feed them to laying hens—and the results are good.

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