African traditional vegetables back on the table

| March 24, 2019

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One of this week’s Farmer stories from Burkina Faso focuses on juvenile nutrition. Our Script of the week also looks at nutrition.

More than 300 different species of African traditional vegetables have been eaten in East Africa for many years. These vegetables are known for their nutritional as well as their medicinal value.

African traditional vegetables were a big part of people’s diet and culture until modern vegetables like cabbage and carrots were introduced. In the past few years, however, traditional vegetables have slowly been regaining popularity. The once-neglected vegetables are now being grown by small-scale farmers, sold in open air markets and supermarkets, and eaten by both rural and urban people.

This script captures the experiences of people who are successfully growing and selling traditional vegetables in Kenya. It shows how farmers can grow traditional vegetables to improve their income, nutrition and health, and food security.

This script is based on actual interviews. You could use this script as inspiration to research and write a script on a similar topic in your area. Or you might choose to produce this script on your station, using voice actors to represent the speakers. If so, please make sure to tell your audience at the beginning of the program that the voices are those of actors, not the original people involved in the interviews.

A Swahili version of this script is available at: