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Adventures of Neddy: A community animal health worker helps a village manage Newcastle disease

This week’s story from Niger focuses on chickens. Chickens are very easy to keep for several reasons. First, they can grazie freely on readily available foods. They also reproduce easily. But chickens are susceptible to a major disease which is the focus of our script of the week: Newcastle disease.

Though there is no cure for Newcastle disease, there is a preventive vaccine. Farmers fail to regularly vaccinate their chickens because of lack of knowledge or because the vaccine is expensive. Often, the drug is sold in large bottles which can treat several hundred chickens. This is very expensive for farmers who have only a few animals. And that is why community vaccination for chickens by community animal health workers or paravets is a great idea.

This script is a mini-drama which highlights the need to vaccinate chickens against Newcastle disease and the benefits of having a paravet in your community.

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