A farmer suffocates stem borers to death and saves his cocoa farm

| June 20, 2016

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This week’s story from Côte d’Ivoire highlights the potential benefits of new practices and new, quicker-maturing varieties for cocoa farmers facing a changing climate. Our Script of the week also focuses on cocoa farmers, but this time in Ghana.

This is the story of a farmer from Osiem, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The farmer developed an innovative method for controlling stem borers on his cocoa farm. His innovation is important for several reasons. Cocoa is a major foreign exchange earner for cocoa-producing countries such as Ghana. Cocoa farmers depend on the crop for their livelihoods. And stem borers are difficult to control in cocoa.

The script also shows how an extension officer can use his or her connections in the research and extension communities to promote farmer-to-farmer interaction and learning.

Two ways to use this script are by simply adapting the drama for your audience, or using it as inspiration to produce a mini-drama on pest management in your own area.