A decade of success: Community-owned project brings tapped water to village in western Kenya

    | March 17, 2014

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    To celebrate World Water Day, this week’s stories from Kenya and Ethiopia highlight some of the problems farmers face when water is scarce.

    Water is fundamental to life. Our bodies need water. Our daily tasks need water. Animals, whether domestic or wild, need water. Plants, too, need water. There are also machines that must have water to operate. Without water, there is no life.

    But sourcing water can be a major problem, often because of the long distances people must travel to find it. Too often, there is not enough to meet community needs.

    For this reason, some communities initiate projects to address their water problems and improve their quality of life. Our script of the week explains how a community in western Kenya solved its water problem by initiating and then sustaining a water project for more than 10 years. Read through it and see if perhaps there are some lessons for your community!