Spotlight on Sarah Mawerere from Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC)

| April 11, 2016

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Sarah Mawerere is a Ugandan radio broadcaster with a passion for her native language, her people, agriculture, and workers’ rights. Mrs. Mawerere has worked for Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) in Kampala, Uganda for 10 years.

She is a producer and presenter of programs on agriculture and the environment in Lusoga. As she says: “I enjoy communicating with my people in my local language, Lusoga.”

She adds: “I also contribute news to the UBC Radio newsroom in English, and do also contribute to the On the Farm Program, which is a 60-minute program on different agriculture topics. [. . .] I also have a 30-minute English radio feature on workers’ rights in which I highlight issues concerning the workers.”

Mrs. Mawerere estimates that over 20 million people tune in to UBC, many of whom are farmers, giving her a large audience to work with.  She says, “Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy [so] it takes the lead in programming [at the station].”

Sarah Mawerere interviewing Judith  Bakirya on her farm on Wanyange Hill Jinja district

Photo: Sarah Mawerere interviewing Judith Bakirya in her orchard on Wanyange Hill, in Jinja district, Uganda.

She says farmers often thank her for the well-packaged radio programs she presents. She adds, “Also, I get tips whereby some organizations [ask] me to make programs for them out of the quality and style of programs I do.”

Mrs. Mawerere says her programs are popular because they educate farmers on best practices for subjects like conservation farming, climate-smart agriculture, and marketing. They are also popular as opportunities for farmers to create “networks or partnerships, since the programs offer platforms for them to share experiences and skills.”

What Mrs. Mawerere loves most about broadcasting is the opportunity to interview guests in studio.

She remembers being surprised when Nile Breweries Limited awarded her a cash prize for best radio presenter in the agriculture category. She says, “I didn’t expect it at the time!”

You can tune in to UBC radio and catch Mrs. Mawerere’s weekly On the Farm Program, which airs every Saturday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., GMT+3.