New features, same great content at Barza Wire

| October 31, 2016

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You may have noticed a few small changes to the Barza Wire website. We have launched some new tools to help you better navigate the great content on Barza Wire—and to help you share what you like about our site!

Related content and tags

Our Farmer stories will now feature a “Related content” section on the left side of the page. There will be five links to stories which cover similar topics as the story you are reading. This way, you can find more content to use on your radio program!

We are now tagging our stories and scripts with a few keywords. You can see these keywords under the headline, in blue boxes. If you click on a blue box, you will see other stories tagged with the same keyword.

Be patient, as we are just beginning to tag all of our content!

Sorting by country

We have now made it easier for you to find stories from your country! From the Farmer stories page (, simply click on a country name, which you can find at the top left of the story’s photo. You can then see all the stories from that country.

Improved search results

We have also made it easier for you to search for what you want. You can use the search bar at the top right of every page by typing in a keyword and hitting enter. You will see three results from each story category (Farmer stories, Resources, Script of the week, etc.) that relate to your keyword. And you will also see an option to “See more results from ….” at the top of each category listed. Click this, and you will see all the Farmer stories, Resources, Scripts, or Spotlights related to your search term.

Social media sharing

We would like you to share our stories on Facebook and Twitter so your contacts can learn about Barza Wire. We have added our social media buttons to the top of the homepage, so you can more easily find us on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also share our stories on social media by using the buttons on each story. So let your followers know what you are reading!

Newsletter pop-up

You may also notice a pop-up on our homepage prompting you to sign up for our newsletter. You can receive Barza Wire in your inbox weekly. While you might already be registered, not all of our readers have signed up! So we are letting them know about this service by using the pop-up box.

No more News in brief—instead, daily updates via Twitter

We have decided to eliminate the News in brief from our website and email. You may have found that these stories were not always relevant to you or were out-of-date by the time you saw them in Barza Wire. Instead, we will be sharing news, straight from the source, on Twitter—daily. This will ensure that you see relevant agricultural news stories in a timely manner. So follow us on Twitter, @BarzaFM:

The rest of our content is the same. We are still producing original Farmer stories, so you can have agricultural news for your radio programming. We will also still produce Resources, so you can learn more about important agricultural or broadcasting issues. We will continue to bring you Scripts of the week and Opportunities. And we will continue to produce Spotlight stories on broadcasters and activities in our network.

Even more resources available

Every week, we share a script related to the rest of that week’s content, for you to use in your programming. You can search through our Scripts of the week for more relevant content. But if you want to search through all of the scripts and backgrounders published in Farm Radio Resource Packs, you can now find this content directly from the Barza Wire website. At the top left, in the black header bar, you will see that “Scripts” has been added to “Wire” and “Discussions.”

Barza Discussions is where we host discussion groups with broadcasters and subject-matter experts. “Scripts” is simply an easy link to the database of all content from the Farm Radio Resource Packs. You can find content here on a variety of subjects. Happy searching!

New URL, same location

You may also have noticed that the location of Barza Wire has changed. We are now found at This makes it easier for new broadcasters to find us. All of our broadcaster resources will be available at—just give us time to get set up! For now, our scripts can be accessed at

You may not have noticed this change because you are being automatically re-directed from our old URL, This means you should have no trouble finding us at our new location!

Get in touch to let us know if you like these changes or if there’s something you’d like to see in Barza Wire. Email us at