Shehu Hussaini Ahmed, runner-up for the 2022 George Atkins Communication Award

| July 11, 2022

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Shehu Ahmad is a broadcast journalist whose journey into broadcasting started 15 years ago as a production assistant with Pyramid FM, Nigeria’s Federal Radio Corporation station in Kano. Mr. Ahmad has a great passion for helping rural communities develop as a way of contributing to nation-building.

Mr. Ahmad is a runner-up for the 2022 George Atkins Communication Award.

Mr. Ahmad currently works on two programs: a weekly program called Attajirin Rani (Pleasant Farmer) that covers farming topics, and Zaga Karkara (Rural Radio Tour), a show designed to address gaps in rural infrastructure related to health and well-being.

During his time at the station, Mr. Ahmad has progressed to more senior positions and is currently a Producer I. He has received external recognition through invitations to skills development events offered by FRI, UNICEF, PATH, USAID, and the DFID-ENABLE Program Awards.

His special area of expertise lies in programs focusing on the grassroots social, economic, and agricultural development of Nigerian people. His passion is to help promote livelihoods through investigating issues, drawing out core problems, and ensuring everyone involved has the opportunity to speak up in the service of justice and equity.

Mr. Ahmad discovered that there were significant gaps in his listeners’ knowledge of good agricultural practices, and that they sometimes used farming methods that were not well-adapted to the current climate. The issues he covers in Attajirin Rani have helps farmers improve their practices and close these gaps.

Mr. Ahmad includes listeners’ voices in his programs in a variety of ways. For Attajirin Rani, the station created a community listening group. Also, at the end of the show, there is a 7-10-minute segment where listeners can have their say and ask important questions. Listeners are interviewed at the end of every program via phone calls and SMS, while their opinions are sought through Uliza polls.

Mr. Ahmad keeps his listeners’ attention by ensuring that his programs are interactive, and that they address the many issues that concern farmers and offer clear solutions. He also features special entertainment in every episode, for example, music that is currently popular with youth and older music for other listeners. 

His relationship with Farm Radio International dates back to 2007. Mr. Ahmad has participated in various broadcaster workshops, and also helped draft the framework for a drama series on adapting to climate change created by the African Radio Drama Association, in partnership with Farm Radio International.

Photo: Shehu Hussaini Ahmed in studio. Photo courtesy of Shehu Hussaini Ahmed.