Rite FM hosts intern from Canada

    | April 30, 2012

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    Rite FM is a Farm Radio International broadcasting partner based in Somanya, in the Yilo Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. RITE FM calls itself, “The station for agric and social development.” The station recently welcomed Michelle Zilio for a six-week internship. Just days before heading off to Ghana, Michelle completed a double major in journalism and human rights from Carleton University’s Journalism program. Michelle comes from Cambridge, Ontario in Canada.

    She says, “My duties at the station are varied − I use my skills to act as general support for news production and reporting. I write scripts, edit clips, produce documentaries, conduct interviews, conduct live desk reports and shadow reporters in the field as they speak to sources in [the] Twi [language]. I am very happy with my choice to join the staff at Rite FM. It has allowed me to experience how journalism works in a different country, all while constantly challenging the cultural norms I am used to from home.”

    She is writing a blog during her time in Ghana. You can follow her experiences and thoughts during what she calls “the biggest adventure of my life” here: http://michellezilio.wordpress.com/ghana/

    When she returns to Ottawa at the end of May, Michelle will begin an internship with the Ottawa Citizen, the capital city’s largest daily newspaper. We hope she shares her experiences in Ghana with her new colleagues.