Radio RTB2-Gaoua knows the importance of educating girls

| March 16, 2020

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While education is a basic human right and a pillar of development, many barriers prevent girls from going to school. The broadcasting team at radio RTB2-Gaoua, located in southwestern Burkina Faso in the region of Gaoua, knows the value of educating girls.

This is why radio RTB2-Gaoua’s program La jeune fille à l’école (The Young Girl at School) gives space for women, men, public figures, and experts to share their opinions and experience on the importance of educating girls.

The program is presented Saturday afternoons at 12:05 p.m. by Dolly Kyria, supported by technician Bamouni Apollinaire, producer Pale Tho Blaise, and coordinator Lazare Pouya.

The program describes some of the challenges that make getting an education more difficult for girls than boys. It also offers advice on how families can overcome these challenges, and inspires girls to succeed in their studies.

For example, one episode featured the High Commissioner of Bougouriba, Alimata Tarnagda. She used her own story to inspire other women and girls to work hard in school. One anonymous listener said that, before hearing this episode, her adopted daughter was often late to class because she and her mother were busy doing household work together. After listening to the episode, she makes sure that her daughter has less work at home so that she can focus on her studies.

Another episode featured Yari Oussé, a traditional chief. He offered his insights on why girls do not attend school and how families can support their daughters to get an education. In other episodes, local women share their struggles with getting an education, including youth pregnancy.

To capture these voices, the staff at Radio RTB2-Gaoua record interviews and vox pops for the program. One challenge is that notable community figures are often busy, and so the station must plan these interviews carefully and in advance.

Thanks to La jeune fille à l’école, public opinion about educating girls is shifting. Before the program, many women saw their daughters as helpers in the household. Now these mothers understand that their daughters must also go to school. Some mothers even accompany their daughters to evening school groups to help ensure their success.

Radio RTB2-Gaoua was a runner-up for the Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio in 2020. Read more profiles of the runners-up and winner in the Spotlight section.