Meet Musa Tijjani Ahamd from Guarantee Radio, Nigeria

| May 10, 2021

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Musa Tijjani Ahamd has been working in radio for the past 17 years. He was inspired to become a radio broadcaster by renowned African journalists, including Nigerians Jamila Tangaza and Bola Mosuro, and Tanzanian broadcaster, Hassan Aruni. Mr. Musa started as a trainee with Radio Nigeria in Kano and later worked as an English-Hausa and English-Arabic translator. Now, he’s the manager of the News and Current Affairs Division at Guarantee Radio in Kano, Nigeria.

To produce interactive and participatory programs, Mr. Musa and his team go to the field to talk with farmers through focus group discussions and interviews. His programs feature live phone-in calls and voice recordings of listeners. He makes his programs entertaining by featuring the drum, flute, and local xylophone music commonly heard at harvest time.

Mr. Musa discovered that one of his listeners’ major challenges was a lack of cooperation with and support for women farmers, including financial support. His team visited various communities to research and document the situation. To address these injustices, the team produced a program called Labarin Nomau or “Nomau’s story.” It told the story of a female farmer, and helped change listeners’ perspectives about women and farming.

Mr. Musa regularly provides a platform for listeners to call the studio, ask questions, and share their experiences. Listeners tell him how much they appreciate the program, and take the opportunity to ask him about the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Mr. Musa receives written resources from Farm Radio International and integrates them into his weekly radio shows. He attended a two-day training with Farm Radio International in Kano and uses what he learned to produce effective and interactive farmer programs.

Although he faces challenges, Mr. Musa is thankful that station management provides the support he needs to serve and reach farmers. Reaching and serving farmers motivates him to continue broadcasting.

Musa Tijjani Ahamd was one of five runners-up for the 2021 George Atkins Communications Award. The George Atkins Communications Award recognizes radio broadcasters for their excellence in serving their rural audience and commitment to Farm Radio International. Read the profiles of winners and other runners- up in the Spotlight section of Barza Wire.

Photo: Musa Tijjani Ahamd in studio, Nigeria. Photo courtesy of Guarantee Radio.