Meet Malick Baldé from Radio Médina Yoro Foulah, Senegal

| July 5, 2021

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For Malick Baldé, being a broadcaster means serving his community and participating in development. Mr. Baldé says that three skills help him to inspire positive change: Knowing local languages, knowing his audience, and knowing his audience’s needs.

Mr. Baldé has more than five years of experience as a radio broadcaster. Currently, he is the head of programs at Radio Médina Yoro Foulah, where he has worked since 2015. 

In his farming programs, Mr. Baldé addresses many topics, including when and how to sow fields, the role of weather in farming, how to use organic fertilizer in rice fields, and pest management—just to name a few. He also uses his programs to help farmers address the challenge of storing their crops. 

Mr. Baldé’s programs often feature experts and influential members of the community. His partnerships with local agricultural service providers help him identify the best experts to feature on the program. He says it is important that his guests are masters in their field because their knowledge guides his listeners’ practices. 

Mr. Baldé features farmers’ voices by inviting them to call and leave voice messages, which he later plays on air. This gives local farmers a chance to question experts directly.

The feedback Mr. Baldé receives from listeners tells him that they implement the practices promoted on his program. Many farmers also call in to request more information on traditional methods of crop storage. 

Besides his radio programs, Mr. Baldé also created a Facebook page for the station. He uses the page to promote the station’s activities and programs widely. 

Mr. Baldé says his partnership with Farm Radio International has been extremely beneficial. Through self-guided learning modules, he learned the VOICE standards and how to run a participatory, interactive radio program. Mr. Baldé also uses the resources available through Barza Wire and the Senegal WhatsApp group to improve his programs.

Malick Baldé one of five runners-up for the 2021 George Atkins Communications Award. The George Atkins Communications Award recognizes radio broadcasters for their excellence in serving their rural audience and commitment to Farm Radio International. Read the profiles of winners and runners-up in the Spotlight section of Barza Wire.

Photo : Malick Baldé interviewing a female farmer. Photo courtesy of Radio Médina Yoro Foulah.