Kitulo FM speaks out for women’s rights

| June 22, 2020

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The broadcasters at Kitulo FM, in the Njombe region of Tanzania, know that women’s rights are important. Like men, women are entitled to a set of fundamental rights that allow them to participate fully in society. But for this to occur, women have to be aware of their rights and society must uphold them.

This is why female experts, role models, and community members are sharing their experiences on Hazina ya mwanamke (Treasures for everyone), a radio program that focuses on women’s rights. The half-hour broadcast is presented at 7:30 pm by Eni Anangisye Sanga and Lulu Samsoni Mbwaga, a male and female broadcasting team.

The program addresses many topics but speaks out specifically on land rights. In the Njombe region, women’s ability to participate in economic and political life is limited by gender customs that create barriers to land ownership. By helping women understand these rights and barriers, the program encourages women to succeed economically and participate politically.

To prepare the program, Mr. Sanga and Ms. Mbwaga consult with local communities, talking to women about the issues that affect them and to leaders about how to uphold women’s rights. Female experts and role models share their knowledge and experience on the show. For example, in one episode, a female legal professional spoke about legal assistance.

Another important topic is violence, including sexual violence against women. Many women in the region have been outspoken in expressing fear of their husband’s violence. Through Hazina ya mwanamke, Kitulo FM encourages these women to speak out against violence, which violates their rights.

According to the broadcasters at Kitulo FM, the program has already begun to improve awareness of women’s rights in the region. More women have been participating in elections, both as voters and as candidates.

To engage with the community during broadcasts, Kitulo FM invites listeners to ask questions through phone calls and text messages. Listeners’ questions and comments are then discussed on-air with the expert or guest.

The presence of a female broadcaster helps to make female guests more comfortable as they share their knowledge and experiences on-air.

Kitulo FM was a runner-up for the Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio in 2020. Read more profiles of the runners-up and winner in the Spotlight section.