Jacinto Eriku, runner-up for the 2022 George Atkins Communication Award

| May 30, 2022

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Jacinto Eriku is a broadcaster at Radio Pacis in Arua, Uganda. Since he started broadcasting in 2007, Mr. Eriku has had a wealth of experience broadcasting programs that help improve farmers’ well-being. His strengths include discipline, dedication, respectfulness, and trustworthiness. Mr. Eriku is passionate about hearing farmers’ voices, consistently presenting the farmers’ program, and working with farmers to decide on his programs’ topics.

He has presented a wide variety of radio programs. Currently, he presents a program called Ama mu drile (We Go Forward) in the local language, Lugbara. The program is designed to enable the community to discuss local and global issues. Mr. Eriku has presented this program for nine years. 

This year, Mr. Eriku is a runner-up for the 2022 George Atkins Communication Award.

Mr. Eriku also presents a program called Choirs of West Nile, which showcases local church choirs, as well as a program called Cultural Perspective, in which guests and listeners discuss current local issues. Mr. Eriku has presented these programs for 13 years and six years, respectively.

Mr. Eriku’s farmers’ program is called Otita Agrikica (Farmer’s Talk). To create the program, Mr. Eriku follows the FRI VOICES standards. He also asks farmers to identify issues in their communities and decide which topics to address on air.

Mr. Eriku addresses many of these topics on Agrikica, including planting crops according to the seasons, best practices for growing millet, sorghum, and pumpkins, and post-harvest handling.

To create the program, Mr. Eriku records farmers’ voices and plays them during the radio program as vox pops. He also hosts farmers, extension officers, and knowledge partners to share information on air. He says this is a key to providing guidance to his listeners. Mr. Eriku also does call-in segments, where he reads listeners’ SMS on air.

To increase the participation of women in the program, Mr. Eriku provides a dedicated phone line for women. He is especially committed to featuring the opinions of youth, women, and the elderly on air.

Mr. Eriku makes his programs entertaining by featuring farmers singing songs. He also believes in incorporating the voices of listeners in his programs through various platforms.

Photo: Jacinto Eriku in studio. Photo courtesy of Jacinto Eriku.